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Rockstar Birthday Party In New Orleans


  $20/Child (minimum of 30 kids)

What child would turn down the opportunity to become a ROCKSTAR? We are here to help. We transform your facility (or other venue) into a HOLLYWOOD studio.

  1. Upon arriving to your facility (or other venue), we setup a green screen, studio lighting, and sound.

  2. The camp picks a song for their campers to make a music video to.

  3. ​We film the children on the green screen while they perform to that song (singing and dancing).

  4. The children are able to select various props & accessories that we provide at the party for filming (wigs, hats, sunglasses, guitars, etc.)

  5. We film the video 5 different times to ensure every child will be in the video and to give them an opportunity to switch out their props.

  6. The two weeks following your event is where we edit the video - picking the best shots, adding effects, adding backgrounds to replace the green screen, etc.

  7. Once the editing process is complete, we will send a secure link of the music video to the host where it can be downloaded and shared.

  8. The host of this event is responsible for downloading and sharing the video.


We strive to use the best clips possible and do our very best to include all guests while editing the video. It's always possible that certain guests may not be featured in the final music video due to technical errors in the video footage or guests showing up late.

Each package requires a 10’x10’ space with access to one outlet.

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